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by:MPS     2020-07-22
< P> 'exterior insulation technology, which attached on the outside of building external wall insulation materials to achieve energy saving purpose. Exterior insulation technology is a kind of promoting building energy efficiency technology. Exterior insulation compared with exterior wall insulation, energy saving construction technology is reasonable, use the same size, same performance of heat preservation material, external thermal insulation is better than in thermal insulation energy-saving effect. Not only applicable to new building exterior insulation technology, energy saving renovation of existing buildings is also applies to; External thermal insulation material coated on the outer edge of the main structure, can effectively protect the construction of the main structure, extend the service life of buildings. Effectively reduce the thermal bridge building structure, increase effective use of building space; While eliminating the palisade structure heat preservation and heat insulation performance is poor, resulting in external wall interior side condensation and mouldy phenomenon, improve the indoor comfort of living environment. < / P> < P> 'within the external wall thermal insulation technology, namely the internal wall additional insulation materials in the architectural space in order to achieve energy saving purpose. But within the external wall thermal insulation exist the following problems: one is the thermal efficiency is low, exterior wall, ring beam is difficult to deal with some parts such as t wall to form a 'thermal bridge', make the heat preservation performance is reduced; 2 it is to do in household indoor thermal insulation layer, the second decoration, facilities hanging a lot of trouble, once appear quality problem, maintenance will cause big trouble for residents; Three is the internal insulation occupy interior space, reduce user usable floor area. < / P> < P> the existing exterior insulation construction is difficult, the problem such as impact to decorate, a lot of research institutions and companies will look and capital strength, the research focused on this field, in order to break through. < / P>
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