The benefits of nail in install and use

by:MPS     2020-09-28

nail by the casing and the disc, nylon and stainless steel nails, exterior wall thermal insulation system it is the commonly used materials. Generally go through adhering insulation board, mortar solidification, electric hammer drill, insert anchor pipe expanding and screwing in anchor bolt, now a new technique for glued insulation board, insert the anchor bolt, hammer gun matter, such as mortar solidification process.

nail out the cut holes in the concrete process, while hanging from a mortar sticky insulation board with special nail tools. So can make stronger adhesive mortar and insulation board, avoid the risk of mortar insulation board fall off during solidification, also make part of the heat preservation nail into slurry, make the installation stronger more reasonable. More important is to save time, physical strength and the hanging basket and power, and reduce the safety probability of the hanging basket operation.

second, exterior wall thermal insulation nails into the type of installation speed is anchor bolt type heat preservation nail punch 3 to 5 times, in the general installation speed had the very big enhancement. Our company is a production of thermal insulation nails, nail, outer wall heat preservation nail nail and a series of thermal insulation products, if you have needs, can call to contact with me.

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