The application of outer wall heat preservation nail tips

by:MPS     2020-09-20

heat preservation nail is insulation board fixed on the wall of a kind of special engineering plastic bolts. Of exterior wall thermal insulation for heat preservation nail is the anchor pieces, widely used in building decoration, wall BaoWenWu anchorage. By galvanized screws, nylon tube rises and the fixed wafers. Depending on the insulation layer thickness, cent is a variety of specifications.

outer wall heat preservation nail if improper use will create many problems:

1. Must match the outer wall heat preservation nail hole and tube expanding diameter

plastic bar diameter is 8 mm or 10 mm, but actually do each manufacturer product has the difference, such as the diameter of 8 mm manufacturer A possible 7. 8, the manufacturer may do 7 B. 5, so must match the drilling, hole is too big, loose nails easily, hole is too small, tube expanding easily damaged.

2。 Nail length and thickness of insulation board matching

if the insulation board is 5 cm, correct accounting methods should be insulation board thickness of 50 + anchorage depth 40 + 15 grey cast thickness. So generally want to use 100 mm long heat preservation nail. If you choose a 80 mm long heat preservation nail. Into the depth of the wall will be shortened to 15 20 mm, so even if the nails thick enough, it may not be enough to support the insulation board. There will be a long nail can easily pull out or the insulation board falls off phenomenon.

3。 Plastic caps must be close to the exterior wall insulation board outside the

because now increasingly to the development of high-end insulation nails, the thickness of the plastic caps in 2 mm up product many, easy leveling outside contractor to level or the use of thermal insulation mortar, thrift is often forcibly hammer the nail insulation plastic cap, make its embedded into the insulation board, it will let the plastic caps to bear a lot of damage, sometimes gently touch the plastic cap, plastic cap will drop, and nail tube separation, or insulation board has bounced back, the plastic cap off.

4。 To choose the right plastic heat preservation nail material

plastic insulation nails are made of polyethylene and polypropylene, the north for polypropylene material, the south is suitable for polyethylene material, but this cannot treat as the same, according to the type of insulation board to determine, polyethylene compared commonly soft, polypropylene thermal resistance is good. Kind of similar to extruded board should choose polyethylene material is better, should choose polypropylene kind of foam board.

5。 Appropriate to nail thickness degrees

appropriate to nail the core thickness degrees, not to say that the nail is too coarse, sometimes because of different construction methods, the nail is too thick, hammer strength is larger, it is easy to cause difficult or tube expanding tube expanding into wall body received damaged, thus influence construction effect, so suggest use keep in 3. 8 mm - 4. 2 mm thick around again to nail should be used carefully.

thermal insulation on the outer wall heat preservation plays a very important role, so suggest you to master the construction technique, which makes the exterior wall insulation on you tend to be more perfect.

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