The application of MC nylon performance

by:MPS     2020-11-05

MC oil-bearing nylon rods, nylon rods manufacturers, PA6 nylon rod diameter:

MC nylon application performance

MC nylon is a new kind of engineering plastics, because of its excellent comprehensive performance, make it rapidly rising in the position in engineering plastics, become an important material, increasing the usage.

MC nylon properties:

( 1) High strength, can the load for a long time;

( 2) Good resilience, able to bending and deformation, and can keep toughness, resistance to repeated shock;

( 3) Wear-resistant self-lubrication, provides superior to bronze cast iron, carbon steel and phenolic laminate without oil ( Or deoiling) Lubrication application performance, reduce consumption, save energy;

( 4) Noise absorption, shock absorption, much smaller than the metal, MC nylon modulus of vibration attenuation, provides better than that of metal to prevent noise and practical way to

( 5) Compared with metal, MC nylon hardness is low, no damage on grinding;

( 6) Low coefficient of MC, provides its widely used in friction parts may be;

( 7) Gao Huaxue stability, alkali, alcohol, ether, hydrocarbons, weak acid, lubricating oil, detergent and water ( The sea) And odourless, non-toxic, tasteless, no rust, the characteristics of for its widely application in alkali corrosion resistance, environmental health, food, textile printing and dyeing and other aspects of the mechanical parts using provides good conditions.

( 8) Simplify the maintenance of the machine, saving labor, excellent mechanical machining performance, improve labor productivity.

( 9) MC nylon used in the following environment and medium limited:

a, use the temperature over 120 ℃ for a long time;

b, acid, phenol, sodium chlorate, barium chloride, etc.

c, the key of the high precision machine parts.

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