The advantage of geothermal card pin for fixed floor heating pipe material

by:MPS     2020-10-12

the material of floor heating card pin from the appearance, will not be able to have a flash or burr, so you can ensure that users feel comfortable, to facilitate users to take hold. Nail tip have sharp and its legs will not be able to out of shape. Also required after entering insulation floor heating card pin agnail can open quickly and resistance to pull off force can not be less than 15 Newton.

geothermal card pin for fixed floor heating pipe material advantage:

1, quick construction speed, low labor intensity, due to the proportion of small, easy to transport and handling;

2, after the installation of pipes won't have influence, with plastic material, surface hardness and thermal expansion coefficient, does not rust, does not restrict wound tubes;

3, the material cost is low, the installation of high efficiency, can save a lot of artificial cost and shorten the construction period.

warm card pin can easily penetrate 20 kilograms per cubic meter of thermal insulation layer. Floor heating card pin open short spend long will easily lead to nail and foam cement layer or the depth of the benzene board contact is not enough. Therefore in the process of the installation of floor heating must be according to the time of the construction of selecting opening size appropriate card pin. If you have needs, can call manufacturer to contact with me.

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