The advantage of fixed floor heating pipes with staple of floor heating

by:MPS     2020-10-11

warm card pin for fixed floor heating pipe material advantage:

1, quick construction speed, low labor intensity, due to the proportion of small, easy to transport and handling;

2, after the installation of pipes won't have influence, with plastic material, surface hardness and thermal expansion coefficient, does not rust, does not restrict wound tubes;

3, the material cost is low, the installation of high efficiency, can save a lot of artificial cost and shorten the construction period.

staple of floor heating purpose: foamed cement as the ground heating insulation blanket is qualitative light, good insulation, the advantages of fast construction for domestic floor heating construction, has been widely used in the current pipe fixed way in supporting fixed technology now choose steel nail.

the cause of the low floor heating temperature

a, floor heating temperature is low, if the design basic conform to the requirements of the specification, pipe spacing and length should be system to find the reason.

1, the building in a heat source far place;

2, main working pressure if work pressure;

3, main filter and into the filter is blocked, the valve is open;

4, gutter into household pipeline valve is open in place;

5, diversity, whether there is a breath in the water;

6, analysis of the loop heat pipe have not clear place or heating tube is rather tight;

7, riser into, backwater snort is blocked;

8, into the household branch each valve is open, clear;

9, diversity of water inlet temperature whether meet the design requirements;

10, check whether branch and riser joint level;

11, design is unreasonable, if the tube length suggested central heating mode: had better choose the longest loop is 70 - 90 m, users set up separately when the heat source can choose up to 50 - loop It is advisable to 70 m. Teach you how to calculate the purchase radiator the wattage and the number of pieces of

12, the ground structure is different, different external heat, it's easy to have a low temperature;

13, according to the building structure, different direction, should choose different heat load, if choose as possible design load is less than the actual heating heat load of the room, the room is not hot;

14, tube spacing design is unreasonable, spacing is too large, the radiation heat is small, may be not hot;

15, there is no exhaust valve, heating tube loop cause breath, system is not hot, of course room nor hot;

16, due to construction personnel quality is low, brutal construction, floor heating pipe die bending, crushed phenomenon, cause water not free, resistance increase, the velocity is not enough, system is not hot;

17, before laying without careful cleaning tube sundry, cause local pipeline jam;

18, the construction unit in order to save steel tubes, not by design, to increase the tube pitch, or not according to the front, building structure, machine-made pipe spacing laid, easy to cause partial or full is not hot, indoor temperature is low;

19, wall thermal insulation do bad,

20, indoor furniture keep out too much, distance closer, reduce the ground radiation heat.

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