Special rock wool insulation construction procedure

by:MPS     2020-06-18

heat preservation nail insulation board is mainly used for exterior insulation system is fixed, and is divided into a variety of specifications, according to the thermal insulation layer of its thickness, insulation nails are widely used in architectural decoration. Widely used in thermal insulation on the insulation of the building. Heat preservation nail has anti-aging, temperature shock resistance, anti-corrosion, hardy heat-resistant.

special rock wool insulation nails construction procedure

1. After positioning: insulation board on the wall, make sure the anchoring point location;

2。 Drilling: through the insulation board already in place, according to the specified size (drilling Note: the actual depth into the wall should be more than 7 cm) ;

3。 Mesh: the heat preservation nail rod in chafing dish, make the heat preservation nail four ribs from the mesh plate;

4。 Implant: nail tube directly inserted into the drilled hole to heat preservation plate from the plate with;

5。 Type: to form a complete set of plastic nail nail with a hammer to knock into the tube, Plastic nail should be parallel to the insulation board shall prevail) 。

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