Siamese heat preservation nail developed longer conjoined heat preservation nail mold

by:MPS     2020-07-04

heat preservation nail industry 'man without I have, people have my superior' of the new state

heat preservation nail has took their cue from the industry for at least 30 years of production process, due to the increasingly fierce competition in the market, to the heat preservation nail production entity caused great pressure, many manufacturers do not seek innovation in order to survive, only imitate, or writing an essay, on the quality of plastic particles shoddy, or the wall is thin do short or shrink the plastic caps, or are deficient in hands and feet, seriously affecting the credibility of the manufacturers, so a vicious circle and vicious competition, make heat preservation nail industry become more and more difficult.

our factory take the market credibility as the first elements of exterior wall thermal insulation engineering with high quality as a starting point, to make each nail, in can and industry on the basis of the same price than quality, the same price we will in the quality of a quality grade higher than peers, on the basis of the same quality our price is cheaper than their peers from a level. With good quality and favorable price to develop the domestic market. This is the so-called people have my superior. In order to avoid competition and industry we also actively develop new products, make the high value-added products occupy the new field of heat preservation nail industry. And therefore do not I have.

through years of efforts. Our product development on a new step. Its performance are:

1. Conjoined insulation nails change traditional only do 160 the specifications, we have developed a lengthened conjoined heat preservation nail mold, I specification extends to

10 x 180.






2. The improvement of the anchor pieces

in view of the fixed oil chemical cement castable lining, we developed a series of anchor pieces, most of its material is stainless steel material, including

1. Y type thermal insulation nails

2. Side of the TAB bar

3. Z bar

4. L heat preservation nail

5. Fold streaming bar

6. Rock wool brackets

7. Omega type thermal insulation nails

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