Select different heat preservation nail extraction different application environment

by:MPS     2020-11-13

as essential for thermal insulation heat preservation engineering anchor element, has a good heat preservation nail in many engineering applications. Because of wide application, the application of heat preservation nail environment is also very diverse, there is a big difference.

although also is used in thermal insulation engineering, but different application environment or heat preservation nail on different technical requirements are put forward. The southeast coastal areas damp climate, accompanied by seawater with corrosive liquid, such as wet also has certain corrosion resistance in the air. Therefore, appropriate use of such applications environment is made of aluminum heat preservation nail. Aluminum surface with a layer of oxide film, this layer of oxide film can effectively prevent nail corrode, protection, can prolong the service life.

in the general environment, can use plastic insulation nails, because this kind of heat preservation nail fixed good adaptability for temperature, high temperature or low temperature environment can maintain good and stable performance, don't have to worry about such as heat bilges cold shrink influence the properties of nail. So, don't need different types and application environment material heat preservation nail.

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