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PVC plastic and aluminum heat preservation nail is the ideal raw materials

by:MPS     2020-11-05

insulation heat preservation nail is used in the engineering, heat preservation and fixed two roles, is cannot be ignored in the heat preservation engineering components. Insulation nails manufacturer production material, PVC plastic and aluminum is ideal raw materials.

the PVC plastic is more commonly used in our daily life and production of plastic products, it is mostly for waste plastic recycling raw materials, therefore, the cost is lower, PVC plastic made into heat preservation nail can also bring manufacturers greater profit space. PVC plastic made into heat preservation nail, but also because of its excellent performance of heat-resistant, corrosion resistant performance is more prominent, whether indoor or outdoor insulation engineering, using PVC insulation screws are more appropriate.

heat preservation nail is indispensable to zero firmware architecture

another ideal material is made of aluminum bar, it has become the ideal material, because of low thermal conductivity of aluminous material itself, this is a thermal insulation engineering need. Another is its anti rust and corrosion resistant performance is more prominent, the storage of the earth is bigger, also can reduce the production cost of manufacturer, provides consumers with an ideal selling price. So, both have the advantages of each material heat preservation nail, ideal.

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