Pu heat preservation material storage and operation and safety

by:MPS     2020-08-03
Rigid polyurethane composite materials are divided into isocyanate and portfolio polyether two components: commonly known as black and white material. Both proportional mixing blend polymerization reaction, generating an independent closed pore structure of polyurethane rigid foam, is a kind of ideal of organic low temperature heat insulation material, with a small coefficient of thermal conductivity, energy conservation and shock, strong adaptability, can be preformed molding, casting can be on-site spraying type, widely used in oil refineries, chemical plants, ethylene chemical refrigeration central air conditioning, refrigerator, cold storage, single heat preservation and heat insulation and construction. As countries in the field of building energy efficiency promotion, polyurethane foam insulation system, with its good thermal insulation performance and rapid construction, reliable performance characteristics has large-scale application in the field of domestic thermal insulation. Polyurethane composite polyether and the storage and safe operation of the isocyanate, storage isocyanate ( Commonly known as black material) With the combination of polyether ( Commonly known as the white material) Must be stored in sealed container, isolate air and prevent absorption of moisture. Isocyanate and portfolio polyether VAT should not be in the sun insolates, must be far away from the heat source, placed a cool and dry place, VAT if upright placed, the barrel cover can not water! If the whole barrel material cannot be finished at a time, you must immediately after each use cover tightly barrel cover, prevent moisture, impurities into the barrel and affect the quality. If using a combination of two or more brands polyether, develop brand stacked, and there is a clear sign. Join the combination of ordinary flame retardant polyether storage time should not be too long, must be on the day of preparation used in the day, or easy to cause bad influence foam quality. 2, operation and operation isocyanate composite polyether must wear protective goggles, overalls and working cap; Operation should be Dai Qingjie isocyanate rubber gloves. Work environment must be well ventilated, clean health. When the environment temperature is higher, because of the foaming agent will be part of the portfolio polyether vaporization pressure, so you should open the vent cap after discharge gas pressure, again open lid. The foam has a flame retardant ( Note: from self-extinguishing fire) When required, can be used to add flame retardant agent, the amount of ordinary flame retardant is 15-20% of white material weight, flame retardants in white material must mix the rear foam can be performed. Specific should consult the relevant models of the proportion of black and white material portfolio polyether technical data sheet, the use of flame retardant customers after adding flame retardant white material should be paid attention to when calculating the proportion should be flame retardants, such as for black and white material ratio is 1:1, 100 kg white material to join 15 kg of flame retardants, the black material usage is 115 kg. Manual foaming operation, accurate weighing in proportion in black and white material into container at the same time, with more than 2000 r/min blender mixing after 8 ~ 10 seconds, into the foam mold, mold release time depending on the product requirements, the circumstance such as the thickness of the foam concrete. Three, safety when skin contact to portfolio polyether, soap and water to wash. When operating isocyanate, should pay special attention to, because it has certain stimulating, don't inhale the steam, and do not splash on the skin and eyes. If splashed into the skin and eyes, you must immediately with medical cotton to wipe to go to the first and then flush with large amounts of water for 15 minutes, then use soap or alcohol flush, if still more serious, should make a diagnosis and give treatment to the hospital. In case of large area over spilt isocyanate, sand, sawdust was used to cover after processing, with plenty of water to rinse the ground again. When clothes pollution isocyanate, must use water containing 50% ethanol, 45%, 5% concentrated ammonia solution preparation of solution for processing, then wash with soap.
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