Pu heat preservation lost market prospects

by:MPS     2020-08-01
< P> the Chinese housing market cooled, for pu heat preservation in just emerging markets more future confusion, but from the perspective of a foreign mature market building insulation, polyurethane application in building insulation is still a gain. From the aspects of understanding, the development of the polyurethane heat preservation is still in a steadily rising trend, in America, for example, from the relevant statistics show that from the us subprime mortgage crisis by the end of September this year, America's housing market shows a sharp decline, however, pu heat preservation market has not so down. This fully shows the development potential of market of pu heat preservation. < / P> < P> experts told reporters that the building insulation is one of the main market of the future construction market development, and thus also brought polyurethane broad development opportunities, however, to promote the application of the polyurethane in building insulation, depending on the market for building thermal insulation material selection. In the Chinese market, more and more heat preservation of building, using styrene foam as thermal insulation material is also more and more, but in the European and American countries, insulation of building more and more, using pu heat preservation material also more and more. < / P> < P> as a result, in China, although the current real estate market downturn, however, if used for building insulation materials selection on the propaganda, pu heat preservation still gave birth to the great vitality. < / P> < P> < / P>
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