Pu heat preservation industry will gradually to standardization

by:MPS     2020-07-18
< P> the macro aspect, as the national promotion and pu material as a substitute for traditional architectural heat preservation material of the related industrial policy to carry out the implementation, the ministry of construction and other ministries are three years building energy conservation plan. Regulations of the state, starting from July 1 this year, forcing Beijing, tianjin, dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, shenzhen and so on six cities, all new buildings to step to achieve the energy saving 65% standard. At the same time, the ministry of construction has been in the real estate developers of external wall thermal insulation for 5 years warranty, forcing developers to use qualified insulation materials. These policies and countries will make pu heat preservation material industry development period. Micro aspect, the whole building insulation industry still cannot smoothly to achieve docking with the national industrial policy and standard. On the one hand, high quality manufacturing enterprises lack, lack of quality products, brand absence. Exterior wall thermal insulation industry and on the other hand, domestic disorderly, small, construction team grasp of polyurethane thermal insulation construction technology, the market be regulated and cultivated. < / P> < P> on the one hand, with Germany's well-known equipment manufacturers to jointly develop a forming high pressure foaming production line put into production. , on the other hand, relying on the cas Shanghai YouJiSuo specialized research and development strength, forming a strong r&d team, on the basis of absorbing polyurethane industry mature technology at home and abroad, through a large number of experiments and engineering practice, gradually introduced a series of energy-saving insulation products of with independent intellectual property rights and its raw materials, equipment, manufacturing, marketing and service system, a complete set of application system, namely 'when monica 5 m system'. < / P> < P> the core patent is fundamental. Now use vegetable oil polyol production performance of polyurethane sheets than polyurethane energy conservation standards, its thickness is a third of the polystyrene board, the price is two-thirds of the oil base polyurethane hard foam plank, the project to obtain certification in the promotion of the ministry of construction. 'Green, energy saving, science and technology, environmental protection' is our forever goal. < / P> < P> with the development of exterior wall thermal insulation market, pu heat preservation industry will be gradually standardized, technology, products, brands, channels, competitive environment are upgrading transformation, such as our CST adding up - Shanghai monica's energy-saving insulation decoration look towards the advanced technology, mature application, product diversification, waterproof outer security integration in the direction of development. We will continue to be developed different insulation coating insulation material combination, continue to pay attention to product development and market application. Pu heat preservation material will go a long way in the field of Chinese architecture. < / P>
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