Polyurethane rigid body construction waterproof thermal insulation material and refrigerator with rigid polyurethane foam insulation materials on the performance difference

by:MPS     2020-08-05
< P> one difference: fracture elongation < / P> < P> breaking elongation is measured polyurethane hard foam to resist stress does not produce permanent deformation of the important performance indexes, and only plays a role of heat preservation, cold storage refrigerator without waterproof function with polyurethane rigid foam are key performance indicators (kpis) and without any requirements. < / P> < P> the national building materials industry standards ( JC / T998 - 2006). In specific provision: rigid polyurethane as the integration of roof and wall waterproof insulation material is used, must meet the basic requirement of the elongation is more than 10% %, ability assures to be used by environmental temperature variation, roof and wall of the drying shrinkage is wet bilge, winter freeze-thaw damage and waterproof layer fracture caused buildings foundation uneven settlement, the drum and crack. Make rigid polyurethane in the play to the excellent heat preservation function at the same time, fully display its reliable waterproof function, only the elongation polyurethane hard foam to meet the national industry standard to ensure the building warm in winter and cool in summer, the environment comfortable, roof is leakproof, exterior wall never get damp lv. < / P> < P> the difference between # 2: size rate < / P> < P> polyurethane hard foam is affected by using the environment temperature changes, the size and volume will happen some change, the variation of the size, the size and the type of raw material, the foam body structure, the density of core material, molding process and the types of foaming agent, and many other factors, with better performance of heat-resistant rigid polyurethane in the - 20 degrees c to + 80 degrees Celsius temperature, size should not change obviously. Polyurethane hard foam obturator rate is as high as 95% % above, closed gas pressure in the bubble hole along with the change of environmental temperature change, if the structural strength of bubble wall is small, the bubble size is due to the variation of pore gas pressure in the closed low temperature shrinkage or expansion of high temperature deformation, size (deformation The dimensional changes) , the greater the chance polyurethane waterproof thermal insulation layer or open fracture. < / P> < P> used in construction of rigid polyurethane (pu) according to the national industry standard JC/T998 - The provisions of the 2006 size rate shall be 1% or less, to adapt to the buildings in hot summer and cold season due to rapid changes in temperature gap between day and night of exterior wall facing system linear contraction and expansion of size is too large. Dimensional stability obviously is closely related to the exterior wall facing system security usability, its value, the greater the security, size change rate is more than 1% % of the polyurethane hard foam is not meet the requirements of the national building materials industry standards. < / P>
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