Polyurethane rigid body construction waterproof thermal insulation material and refrigerator with rigid polyurethane foam insulation materials on the performance difference

by:MPS     2020-08-05
< P> the difference between # 3: obturator rate < / P> < P> obturator rate is the important indicators of material bibulous rate and the coefficient of thermal conductivity, rigid closed porosity low water absorption and the coefficient of thermal conductivity is higher, the heat preservation function and freezing-thawing resisting properties of the material has a crucial impact. Used in rigid polyurethane used as roofing waterproof thermal insulation material, its foam obturator rate should be greater than 95% %, at least when the obturator rate lower than 70% %, short-term heavy rain will not cause the roof leakage, but in the long rainy season in a row, because hard bubble soaked in the rain for a long time, opening bubble water more, seeping into the bubble in the rain, under the action of gravity through the hole into the roof at the grass-roots level, and is sealed between the base and rigid, even after a storm comes a calm, under the scorching sun exposure in the short term is difficult to pass hard foam thermal insulation layer and protective layer discharge upwards. , on the other hand, due to the roof by sunlight, high temperature in the upper and the lower the temperature is low, instead of water to the roofing lower migration, not a rainy day, sunny leakage of abnormal phenomenon, this phenomenon is the huangmei season especially in the south. < / P> < P> the difference between the four: the influence of the tensile strength and adhesive strength < / P> < P> the whole strength of the polyurethane hard foam external thermal insulation system depends on the tensile strength of polyurethane ( The weakest link of system strength) , so the tensile strength of rigid polyurethane itself is actually the entire system of exterior wall facing the drawing strength. For example: the tensile strength of polyurethane rigid foam is 200 kpa, the entire wall system drawing strength is 200 kpa. If the index fell to 100 kpa, drawing strength of the entire wall system will be subsequently reduced to half of the original, safety coefficient is bound to be plunged to half of their original cost. < / P> < P> in addition, the construction industry with spraying polyurethane hard foam material should also be fully considered when making up exterior insulation system when using the bonding strength of demand, thus requiring them to metal, concrete, masonry, wood, glass and other building materials have excellent bonding performance. National building materials industry standard JC/T998 - In 2006 and recently passed the polyurethane hard foam external wall thermal insulation engineering technical guidelines ', since the bonding strength of the polyurethane hard foam provides mandatory indicators, the spraying polyurethane hard foam compared with foamed polystyrene ( 每股收益) And extruded thermal insulation boards ( XPS) Exterior insulation system security is an important indicator of obvious advantages. It is worth mentioning that the intensity is the most important mechanical properties of polyurethane hard foam, it directly determines the size of the system of exterior wall facing the wind resistance, impact resistance, resistance to strain capacity and bearing capacity, the total weight is used to evaluate the exterior insulation system security is the most important, the most direct performance index. < / P> < P> what has been discussed above, the user selects the polyurethane hard foam used as building insulation waterproof double functional materials, according to the state building materials industry standard JC/T998 - 2006 request, on the material of the density, strength, breaking elongation rate and size stability and strict identification of obturator rate. As currently the only insulation waterproof and integration of new building materials, the application of rigid polyurethane thermal insulation material in the domestic construction industry is still in the initial stage. Happily, in order to speed up the innovation of building insulation materials, promote the application of polyurethane rigid foam in the field of building energy efficiency, the ministry of construction has set up a 'pu building energy saving application promotion working group', the ministry of construction, and attaches great importance to by the current polyurethane rigid foam insulation waterproof material application in domestic building energy efficiency industry has achieved substantial progress. < / P>
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