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Polyurethane (pu) is a new kind of organic polymer materials

by:MPS     2020-08-01
Polyurethane as a new organic polymer materials, has been hailed as 'the fifth big plastic', because of its excellent performance and is widely used in 'food, clothing, shelter, line' of multiple industries. Polyurethane downstream industries such as furniture, automobile, shoes, toys, textile, refrigerator, solar energy, construction, pipe, plate, paint, transportation and so on. Polyurethane products related to BDO, adipic acid, TDI, pure MDI, polymerization MDI, TPU, PPG, PTMEG, PO, DMF, etc. , with the widely application of polyurethane and its demand is also increased significantly, there is a huge investment value. China polyurethane expanding production capacity in recent years, polyurethane products related to expand capacity, and even some pu related products appear the problem of excess production capacity. Polyurethane industry investment environment, product market conditions, competitors will make any plans, products, import and export of how to become the focus of the industry's most concerned problems, is also a supplier, trader, based on the industry must understand and master data. In this case, the pu industry launched the annual report, for the enterprise based on the development of polyurethane industry, grasp the downstream market demand, pointed out the development direction.
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