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Polyurethane insulation composite wall

by:MPS     2020-08-02
A polyurethane thermal insulation composite wall, set by the wall to the outside in turn the wall at the grass-roots level, polyurethane thermal insulation layer, sand particles, strengthening anti-cracking layer and act the role of the surface. The utility model USES polyurethane itself before curing optimal good bonding properties, adopting sand particles with direct physical bonding of polyurethane, polyurethane thermal insulation layer and strengthen the strong combination of anti-cracking layer. With the current interface agent, bonding agent was carried out on the insulation layer and strengthen the anti-cracking layer in comparison with the way of bonding, has simple structure, convenient construction, combining with the surface is stable and reliable, delaminating and peeling off the advantage with good effect, can the whole technical and economic indexes of the insulated wall increased significantly.
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