Polyurethane enterprise will through energy saving and emission reduction

by:MPS     2020-07-16
< P> sustainable route, the development of circular economy become a very important strategy for enterprise development at home and abroad. Chemical enterprises at home and abroad are also take active measures to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, advocate green technologies, green production, green technology. For a long time, polyurethane abroad enterprises basf, dow, bayer, dupont, shell, evonik degussa, lanxess promoted and attaches importance to energy conservation and emissions reduction, in reducing greenhouse gas emissions to make a positive contribution. Also in recent years, with the green concept of thorough popular feeling, three-dimensional, gansu silver pu domestic enterprises in Shanxi Province, cangzhou dahua chemiacl, gaoqiao petrochemical, yantai wanhua, blue star, what is also in constant innovation of science and technology, increase the intensity of energy conservation and emissions reduction. < / P> < P> energy conservation and emissions reduction is a protracted war, chemical enterprises need to pass through, technology innovation, the development of circular economy, promote green production, improve the efficiency of energy utilization, reduce energy consumption, reducing the number of dangerous wastes to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction targets. China building energy conservation and emissions reduction industry alliance will attend the third international polyurethane peak BBS, to introduce the personage inside course of study to energy conservation and emission reduction policies under the influence of the new trend of development of the market building insulation. < / P>
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