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Polyurethane and its composite materials have larger space

by:MPS     2020-08-01
< P> 'five-year plan', according to the draft of the petrochemical industry in 2015, our country chemical new materials and the additives, and processing machinery and mould manufacturing will form 260 billion output value of the system, such as the chemical new materials meet the rate to 65%. < / P> < P> 'five-year plan' period, engineering plastics, biodegradable products, organic silicon, organic fluorine, polymer materials and special carbon fiber and polyurethane will get development. Recently released by the State Council about accelerate the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries decision 'mentioned in the areas of focus is the new material industry as a special one, which involves the chemical new material part is emphasized to enhance carbon fiber, aramid, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber such as high performance fiber and its composite development level. < / P> < P> China polyurethane industry after recent years of development, from basic raw materials to products and mechanical equipment, has a considerable scale. In nearly a decade, while China polyurethane twice the average annual growth rate of GDP, but China's per capita consumption of polyurethane is still not reach the world average. According to the growth rate of per capita GDP development and polyurethane, polyurethane industry in China is still in the period of rapid growth. The future development of Chinese polyurethane industry will mainly driven by five aspects, namely, total population, car industry, improvement of building energy conservation, environmental protection, and leisure and entertainment industry. < / P> < P> petrochemical industry 'five-year plan' specifically, polyurethane, raw materials MDI, TDI, PTMEG domestic industry will have larger development space, polyurethane construction insulation board market demand. 'Five-year plan' period is expected to upstream raw material and polyurethane products will have larger development space. < / P>
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