Pliers The hand gripping or cut off the metal wire

by:MPS     2020-05-12
Needle nose pliers Used to pinch the workpiece or wire, especially suitable for small work area. Specifications 130,160,180 mm three. For electrical conduit with insulation. Some with cutting edge can cut small parts. Screwdriver By the head and the handle. Heads the shape of a chevron and cross two, respectively, for the rotating head for the transverse slot or cross-slot screws. Screwdriver specification refers to the length of the metal rods, 75,100,125,150 mm of several specifications. Use of manpower handle, hard to withstand the knife pressed in the screw rotating in a clockwise direction as counterclockwise for the next unloading. Mandrel shank screwdriver, and percussion in the tail, but not for electricity occasion. Electrician's knife Used for cutting wire insulation in the electrical installation and maintenance, cable insulation, wood molding, tuba, trumpet specifications. VI blade length of 112 mm; trumpet blade length of 88 mm. On some electrical knife with a blade and awl, can be used to saw small bits of wood and tapered bore. Electrician knife is not insulated protection against live working. Use the electric knife, to avoid the cutting of hard materials, in order to protect the blade. Blade with a blunt, available oil stone. If the blade heavy damage to a part that can be used for grinding wheel, but the need to prevent annealing. Test pencil Also known as experience in the electric pen. It can check the low voltage lines and electrical equipment enclosure is charged. Easy to carry, the pencil is usually made of a pen-like, front-end is a metal probe in turn mounted within the safety resistors, neon tube and spring. The spring contact with the metal by the end of the pen. Use, the hand should be in contact with the metal by the end of the pen. Pencil measuring voltage range of 60 to 500 volts (prohibited measured high-voltage). Before use, be sure to first verify that the normal power neon whether the normal light to confirm the pencil experience and reliable electricity. The neon light is weak, in the bright light test, should be protected from light detection.
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