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Plastic insulation of exterior wall thermal insulation nail nails quality how to identify with the naked eye is good or bad?

by:MPS     2020-07-01

as the plastic heat preservation nail sales increasing prices became so anxious market varieties of product is full of beautiful things in eyes is faced with such a large sales market, we how to choose and buy high quality plastic insulation nails? Below by xin cruise plastic heat preservation nail factory technicians to identify plastic nail insulation quality of several kinds of methods: 1: first, take plastic heat preservation nail the softness and hardness and thickness of the bend down with their thumb will find fault or a trace, if there is more than several plastic nail insulation effect is not very good in the use of plastic insulation nail products in use process tends to break or shatter may not strengthening the role of rock wool board. 2: plastic insulation nails we must determine the thickness of the wall with thermal insulation material, and thickness of coated adhesive which are directly related with the length of the plastic heat preservation nail making specific plastic insulation nails used quantity is set according to one square metre commonly 8 - one square meter 12 it is to meet the need of different layers to determine the number of the calculation. 3: a body of insulation board insulation nails are fixed, with a depth of thread can with card according to the thickness of the insulation heat preservation nail screw, screw the top with a claw nut, better fixed insulation board.

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