Plastic insulation nails widely used in the insulation of the building

by:MPS     2020-09-23

why is plastic heat preservation nail insulation engineering quality of choice? Thermal insulation engineering must use heat preservation nail? The answer is yes, because the effect of heat preservation nail through many project, its heat preservation heat insulation performance is good, in the heat preservation engineering play a heat preservation and heat insulation performance, prevent exchanged between different heat of indoor and outdoor air, guarantee to provide you with a good and comfortable working and living environment.

plastic heat preservation nail another role is fixed, while the thermal insulation engineering, mostly will use bonding mortar were fixed, but heat preservation nail cannot lack, it play a fixed effect is also indispensable. Taken together, heat preservation and heat insulation heat preservation nail can, and the fixed plate and the roll mat, is also a kind of guarantee about the quality of the thermal insulation engineering, is the quality of the thermal insulation engineering.

plastic heat preservation nail is the anchoring of exterior wall thermal insulation is special, the galvanized screws, nylon tube rises and the fixed wafers. Depending on the insulation layer thickness, cent is a variety of specifications. Widely used in architectural decoration.

our factory production of plastic heat preservation nail is widely used in the insulation of the building. Anti-aging, temperature shock resistance and corrosion resistance, cold heat; High bearing capacity, high pressure, good tensile performance; After loading is not easy to deformation, moisture, low vibration, noise absorption and sound insulation, etc. Easy installation, hammer, don't need special installation tool. Galvanized screw well solve the corrosion problems, good durability, and low heat transfer performance of nylon material, the winter is not cold bridge, high efficiency and energy saving.

plastic nail insulation of exterior wall thermal insulation system can make the thermal insulating layer of the effect is particularly obvious: high compressive strength, can prevent the impact damage, low thermal conductivity, can reduce the thickness of the wall structure; Good dimensional stability, temperature changes in circumstances not deformation, can prevent the surface coating cracks, at the same time to provide smooth surface for wall decoration, as well as cement coating at the grass-roots level. Of the specifications of the heat preservation nail and there are many kinds of material. The use of the material is mainly according to the different areas and different climate. And the use of the specification based on the thickness of the insulation layer to decide. The installation is set according to the height of the floor number.

usually used for building insulation plastic insulation pin number is decided according to the area of the thermal insulation layer and the height of the floor. Generally under 10 layers of 6 - per square meter Eight, ten layer - With 8-20 layer 10. If more than 20 layers to use more than 10.

so, if you know the height of the floor has to do the area of the heat preservation after we will be very convenient for you to work out how much the heat preservation project specific need a plastic heat preservation nail

the grand opera in thermal insulation engineering nature is all kinds of insulation products, however, with the function of heat preservation and fixed plastic insulation nails also cannot be ignored. How do you make plastic insulation nails to excellent use effect?

plastic insulation nails appear more is to have a fixed effect, prevent the thermal insulation products fall off in the place such as roofs and walls. However, with the progress of technology, heat preservation nail has more functions, such as thermal insulation, moisture-proof and waterproof, these features in use and try to play out, can not waste the production and design of the heat preservation nail.

if you want to make plastic insulation nails to achieve good using effect, it is only natural that, in accordance with the instructions to install. Heat preservation nail fixed volume smaller, basically be need to use 9 - per square metre 12 heat preservation nail, but it is only in the general case, if a special case, you need to the other. Such use is actually follow heat preservation nail 'nature', also nature can make the plastic insulation nails to good use effect.

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