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Pay attention to heat preservation and heat insulation materials and other four types of products

by:MPS     2020-07-24
< P> there is a big potential of building energy efficiency, building energy conservation has become the key factors influencing the energy sustainable development strategy in our country, is also a lasting unshakeable national policy in our country. < / P> < P> building energy efficiency from three aspects, focus on four categories of products: building energy efficiency mainly from three aspects such as the exterior wall, roof, doors and Windows of palisade structure heat resistance and impermeability, and achieve the purpose of the use of building energy saving. The ministry of construction will focus on developing suitable for different climate conditions of various energy-saving wall, roof and doors and Windows, especially the external wall thermal insulation technology and energy efficient Windows and doors, develop all kinds of new high efficiency and energy saving wall material, thermal insulation materials and high-performance building glass. We believe that the focus on the promotion, based on these aspects in the future four broad categories of products market demand: the new wall materials, insulation materials, LOW E glass and optical glass. < / P> < P> < / P>
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