Pay attention to choose insulation nails, don't drag and thermal insulation engineering

by:MPS     2020-11-05

thermal insulation engineering, is the main function of heat preservation nail fixed insulation plate and roll mat product, but the construction units can't look down upon this little nails, choose good heat preservation nail is to prevent the thermal insulation engineering is one of the highlights of dragging.

many factories are in the winter to heat preservation project, but the heat preservation nail and prone to fracture in winter, it was a great test to the overall project quality. Construction units, when choosing heat preservation nail to choose a big brand, performance is guaranteed screws, to prevent the occurrence of fracture in the winter, affects the whole heat preservation engineering quality.

the heat preservation nail that sells on the market a variety of models and specifications, different thermal insulation engineering, thermal insulation material is different to the requirement of thermal insulation nails, etc. The staff at the time of purchase, must first determine the type of nail for the engineering, material and specification, quantity, and then buy. Nail fixed materials and specifications, in particular, must not appear deviation, otherwise the whole project will appear quality problem, can't even go smoothly, greatly influenced.

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