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Outer wall heat preservation nail what should use?

by:MPS     2020-06-30

when to install insulation board in construction, some without heat preservation nail. Don't look down upon such a small bar, it has the effect that cannot replace. But everything must have a degree, the use of the heat preservation nail quantity is no exception. So how should use the outer wall heat preservation nail are? Exterior insulation system heat preservation nail installation number is related with the floor height. When nylon anchor fixation, 7 layer below about four per square meter, 8 - 18 layer around 6 per square meter, 19 - 28 layer about 9 per square meter, 28 floors above 11 per square meter, with the increase of floor, the use of the heat preservation nail quantity is also increasing. For single block insulation board insulation nails to increase the number of fixed. Other insulation materials according to their stretching and wind resistance to determine the amount of heat preservation nail.

through the above introduction, you should know that the heat preservation nail is not used, the more the better, according to the specific situation to choose the appropriate use of quantity.

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