Outer wall heat preservation nail what kinds and standards

by:MPS     2020-06-24

outer wall heat preservation nail and exterior wall anchoring nails, exterior wall anchoring bolt, etc. Types can be divided into fission insulation heat preservation nail and conjoined nail.

insulation nailed the insulation on the market of basic it is an organic whole, easy to use. The new standard 158 - at the same time 2004 also have to implement new standard is: a single nail insulation bearing capacity; '0. 8 kn coefficient of thermal conductivity '0. 004 heat preservation nail outside dish 56 mm anchoring pieces of layout. Extruded board exterior insulation system anchor pieces installation number; 1 - 10 layer average 6 / ㎡, 11 - An average of seven/square meter 21-20 layer 26 layer 9 / ㎡.

any area is greater than zero. 1 ㎡ monolithic pull must add the anchoring piece, the number depending on the shape and site condition; In Yang Angle, under the eaves, around the edge of the hole, should be increasing the density of the anchorage parts, its distance is not more than 300 ㎜, is apart from the edge at the grass-roots level is not less than 60 mm.

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