Outer wall heat preservation nail purposes

by:MPS     2020-11-09

can be read literally, outer wall heat preservation nail of exterior wall thermal insulation system is mainly used for the insulation board is fixed, at the time of division classification can be divided into a variety of specifications, are usually based on the thermal insulation layer of thick, can be widely used in construction decoration of houses in the thermal insulation layer.

outer wall heat preservation nail has anti-aging, temperature shock resistance, cold resistant corrosion, high pressure, it is not easy deformation, fine features, such as moisture shock and installation is convenient, has the very good insulation. And this kind of heat preservation nail is mainly dedicated plastic bolts, is mainly composed of three parts: nylon casing, the casing of the galvanized steel screws, nylon disc before the casing.

and the common outer wall heat preservation nail can be divided into fission heat preservation heat preservation nail nails and connected, now in the market of heat preservation nail is one of the basic, easy to use, can very good implementation in architectural decoration. In addition, galvanized screws can be very good solve the problem of corrosion, good durability, and common nylon material heat resistant, cold in winter nor bridge, can be used with high efficiency and energy saving, welcome to use.

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