Outer wall heat preservation nail how to correct for installation

by:MPS     2020-09-06
Outer wall heat preservation nail how to correct for installation of the outer wall heat preservation nail it is fixed, it generally in exterior wall thermal insulation engineering applications, so how can we get to the correct application of it? Let's come to simple introduce for you. Outer wall heat preservation nail length specifications there is a requirement. Requirements in the wall at the grass-roots level of effective length is zero. 25 cm, so the thermal insulation layer thickness of the anchor length is different, different use another wall different kinds choose anchor nail at the grass-roots level also is distinguishing. When installation, on the wall of the coordinates of the marked points within the line of expansion anchor bolt, and put up with a electric drill anchor bolt hole plug, anchor bolt hole depth than plastic expansion 1 cm. Also need on the binding of polystyrene board face brush first interface agent. In a single piece of frame line with toothed regulation on scraper evenly bonding mortar, according to the thickness of wall roughness or design requirements. Anchorage shall not be higher than plate groove, we make the layout of their own to achieve smooth and can be installed around the layout in the same plane, not unlimited tight, otherwise it will damage our product. We will strictly according to the requirement to use heat preservation nail.

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