Nylon rod size stability is good

by:MPS     2020-10-07

the production of nylon rods step

1, equipment: plastic extruding machine.

2. Material: nylon rods extrusion plastic products in larger varieties is relatively difficult re-election viscosity grade 3. Zero or more times, the lower the viscosity, the more likely they are to material selection, extrusion mould need to be more mature. According to the screw choose different aspect ratio and other data granularity of raw materials.

3, mold: building and common plastic nose is a huge difference, but the pressure is relatively harsh.

4, preparation: due to the moisture absorption of nylon, make dry before the processing of raw materials, to ensure that the 0. The moisture content of 3% or less.

5, preheating.

6, extrusion, size, code, meters, coiling, inspection, warehousing.

7 above, PA11 nylon rods / 12 extrusion, molding of PA6 nylon rods, etc. , generally to adjust, wet processing, soft products.

8, need to adjust the wet processing materials generally good low temperature resistance, easy to brittle fracture.

nylon rods according to the name you can see the main material is nylon, polyamide fiber is commonly known as nylon, density 1. 15 g/cm3, which is on the main chain molecules containing repeated amide groups - ( NHCO] — The thermoplastic resin, including aliphatic PA, fat - Aromatic PA PA and aromatic compounds. Including aliphatic PA variety, large output, wide application, its name by the synthesis of monomer specific number of carbon atoms. By the famous American chemist carothers and his team.

the main varieties of nylon is nylon 6 and nylon 66, accounts for absolute dominant position, followed by nylon 11, nylon 12, nylon 610, nylon 612, as well as nylon 1010, nylon 46, nylon, nylon 9, 13, nylon varieties with nylon 6, nylon and special nylon MXD6 (9 t Barrier property resin) The number of modified varieties, such as nylon is various, such as reinforced nylon, monomer casting nylon ( MC nylon) , the reaction injection molding ( RIM) Nylon, nylon, nylon, aromatic transparent high impact ( Super tough) Nylon, nylon, nylon, electroplating conductive flame retardant nylon, nylon and other polymer blend and alloy, etc. , meet the special requirements and widely used for metal, wood and other traditional materials substitute, as various structural materials.

nylon rods PTFE, PTFE ( Ptfe bush) Non-stick coating can be used in the 260 ℃ continuous and 290 - have a high working temperature 300 ℃, low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and excellent chemical stability.

teflon FEP: FEP ( B and c and fluoride copolymer) Non-stick coating melt flow form non-porous membrane when baking, has excellent chemical stability, excellent non-stick characteristics, using temperature is 200 ℃. Teflon PFA: PFA ( Fluorine alkylate) Non-stick coating and FEP melt flow form non-porous membrane during baking. PFA has the advantage of continuous temperature 260 ℃, has higher stronger GangRen degrees, especially suitable for use under the condition of high temperature resistant glue and chemical resistance to use areas.

nylon rods with good toughness, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, strong anti-seismic, good tensile, bending strength, and has the characteristics of small water absorption, good dimensional stability, and is used for processing various wear-resistant high strength parts.

products, widely used in plastic instead of steel, iron, copper and other metal material, is an important engineering plastics; Cast nylon instead of mechanical equipment wear parts, instead of the copper and alloys for equipment wear resistance. Is suitable for making wear parts, transmission parts, home appliance parts, automotive parts, wire rod to prevent the machine parts, chemical machinery parts, chemical equipment.

such as turbine, gear, bearing, impeller, shaft, instrument panel, the drive shaft, valve, blades, wire rod, high pressure washers, screws, nuts, seals, shuttle, set of Jane, axle housing connector, etc.

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