New technology development of recycled plastic

by:MPS     2020-08-07
< P> according to introducing, because of the limitation of technology and economic cost is only about 12% of the plastic recycling, real other landfills or burned. And the new technology by pyrolysis of plastic waste in anoxic condition, can be the home of plastic recycling. Researchers have built a small recycling equipment, will be put into all kinds of plastic garbage decomposition can be obtained after a variety of useful materials, for example, can be used in the production of lubricants in the wax, some can be used in the production of plastic products of benzene dicarboxylic acid, and can be used as activated carbon adsorbent, etc. Who led the study, Yang? BeiYan professor, said the technology not only contribute to environmental protection, and economic efficiency is high. < / P> < P> the university of Warwick on December 13, said a communique, they developed a new technology, can break down most kinds of plastic, for recycling, and economic efficiency is high. < / P>
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