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National energy conservation standards enforce building external thermal insulation system of fire prevention

by:MPS     2020-08-08
< P> in order to strengthen building external thermal insulation system fire prevention management, effectively prevent the fire accident happened in external thermal insulation construction, protect people's lives and property security, recently, the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly promulgated the 'civil building external thermal insulation system and the interim provisions on the exterior wall decorative fireproof, external thermal insulation system of building fire protection. < / P> < P> the regulations, a total of five chapters, the article 13, is integrating technology and management requirements of normative documents, not only external thermal insulation material of combustion performance and the technical measures such as fire protection construction of external thermal insulation system is put forward clear requirements, and construction and the use of external thermal insulation system of construction management measures are also made specific provision. < / P> < P> the regulations follow the principle of building energy efficiency and building fire overall consideration, require different fire risk of building different insulation and fire prevention measures, and from the wall, roof and metal sandwich composite plate different aspects of the rules. < / P> < P> the implementation of the regulations will be put into use for newly built, under construction and building external thermal insulation system to provide guidance on the design, construction and management, to improve the level of fire safety in buildings, effectively curb the building exterior insulation system plays an important role on fire accident. < / P>
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