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MPS stainless steel wire directly sale for marine

MPS stainless steel wire directly sale for marine

MPS stainless steel wire directly sale for marine

Brand Name
Rectangular Rings
304 stainless steel,Galvanized steel,Nickel plated steel
Stainless steel rectangular rings are used a lot in removable reusable insulation covers or jackets
production workmanship
Automated production
Place of Origin
Shenzhen, China (Mainland)
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Product Details
Melparts's insulation pin is perfect in every detail.insulation pin has the following advantages: well-chosen materials, reasonable design, stable performance, excellent quality, and affordable price. Such a product is up to the market demand.
  • MPS stainless steel wire directly sale for marine-insulation pins,insulation fastener,insulation han
Company Advantages
1. stainless steel wire from MPS Insulation Fastener is a thing of beauty both to look and and to use.
2. The quality of this product will be strictly inspected before loading.
3. MPS has gone far ahead in the stainless steel wire industry for the finest quality service.

Rectangular Rings

  • ◪  

    Stainless steel rectangular rings are used a lot in removable reusable insulation covers or jackets, or any other heat insulation fabrication and manufacturing, welding blankets, furance curtains, fire blankets, etc..

Advantage for our company

  • Melparts is an insulation fastener manufacturing factory, we manufacture a full series of insulation pins and washers, cooperare with us, we can ensure

  • ◪   1: Good price- we sale what we manufacture.

  • ◪   2: On-time delivery-we have the auto-production line for every product to ensure the on-time delivery.

  • ◪   3: Excellent Quality, we have rich experence for insulation pins, we know the feature about every kind of insuation pin and customer’s requirements.


Rectangular Rings
MPS stainless steel wire directly sale for marine-1
Common specifications

Diamter : 3mm 4mm5mm

Washer diameter : 1” , 1.5” or as per requirements

MaterialSS304, SS316, SS316L
Surface treatment

Galvanized steel;

Nickel plated steel

Product featuresAbility to perform in high temperatures
Corrosion resistance
Firm locking
Production workmanshipAutomated production
PackingPacking can be customized as per reqirements
Current packing information available upon request.
Supply capability-
ApplicationOil & Gas , Marine ,powerplant , boiler industry etc
RemarkTechnical parameters are available upon request

Company Features
1. Our staff are of high insulation components and professional stainless steel wing seal in Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd..
2. Our stainless steel wire are made in accordance with international safety standard.
3. We have formed our charitable giving program to encourage employees to give back to their communities. Our employees will invest in through commitments of time, money and energy. We are working toward the goal of zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. We reduce the amount of water, chemicals, and energy used during production and processing. Being a responsible corporate citizen is an integral part of sustainable business growth and long-term success for us. We have been involved in various projects such as Education Sponsorship for Underprivileged. Our drive for greater resource efficiency focuses on two key areas; sourcing of renewables and the management of the waste we generate and water we use in our operations.

                201,202,301,302,304,310,321,316,316L stainless steel wire


1.The description of 201,202,301,302,304,310,321,316,316L stainless steel wire

Surface: bright,soft,hard
Diameter: 0.1mm-15.0mm

Grade: 201, 202, 301, 304, 308, 304L, 304HC, 304M, 304ES, 316, 410, 430,200Cu,201Cu,

201Cu-1,301Cu,03Cu etc

Packing: coil / spool / pao pack / carrier / bundle etc

Application: With bright surface, slight magnetism and no cracks on forming, is widely used in bicycle fittings, kitchen and sanitation tools, goods shelf, pet cages, gill racks, decorative handles and baskets, food and medical machinery accessies etc.

MaterialChemical composition
2010.1515.5-  N<0.25
130M/2020.1517.5-  N≤0.25
3030.15120.2≥0.158.0-10.017-19 ≤6.0 
304N10.08120.0450.037-10.518-20  N0.1-0.25
3160.08120.0450.0310.0-14.016-18 2.0-3.0 
316L0.03120.0450.0312.0-15.016-18 2.0-3.0 
3210.08120.0450.039.0-13.017-19  Ti≤5
4100.015110.040.03 11.5-13.5   
4160.1511.250.06≥0.15 12.0-14.0   
4200.26-4110.040.03 12.0-14.0   
410L0.03110.040.03 11.5-13.5   
4300.120.7510.040.03 16-18   
430F0.1211.250.060.15 16-18   
631(ji)0.09110.040.036.5-8.516-18  AL0.75-1.5





 2.Pictures of 201,202,301,302,304,310,321,316,316L stainless steel wire.






3. Applications. 


Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion and staining, low maintenance and familiar lustre make it an ideal material for many applications. There are over 150 grades of stainless steel, of which fifteen are most commonly used. The alloy is milled into coils, sheets, plates, bars, wire, and tubing to be used in cookware, cutlery, household hardware, surgical instruments, major appliances, industrial equipment (for example, in sugar refineries) and as an automotive and aerospace structural alloy and construction material in large buildings. Storage tanks and tankers used to transport orange juice and other food are often made of stainless steel, because of its corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties. This also influences its use in commercial kitchens and food processing plants, as it can be steam-cleaned and sterilized and does not need paint or other surface finishes.


4. Stainless steel conservation.


Stainless steel is a popular metal for appliances these days. Many kitchen appliances, both large and small, are made with stainless steel. Pots and pans and eating utensils are also made with stainless steel. One advantage of stainless steel is that is very resistant to rusting. But it can get rust stains from transference of rusty objects. You can keep stainless steel rust-free by following a few simple steps.

1. Clean frequently with a cleaner and water. Any cleaner that is safe for glass is usually safe for stainless steel. 

2. Scrub off all rust from these objects with a scrubbing pad or steel wood pad. This means getting rid of rust from pots and pans before putting them into a stainless steel sink or on top of a stainless steel stove.

3. Put a rubber mat at the bottom of the stainless steel sink before placing rusted pots and pans (such as cast iron cookware) in the sink.

4. Apply a thin layer of lubricant (such as mineral oil) to the surface of the stainless steel. This prevents rust from forming.

5. Inspect equipment frequently, if you notice discoloration, tarnish or water stains, increase the frequency of your fresh water rinses to reduce accumulated chemicals.



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1. About us


 Our Advantages

  1. more than 10 years experiences in steel business
  2. good quality
  3. competitive price
  4. meet your needs via reprocessing
  5. excellent service
  6. short delivery time
  7. long mutual beneficial business cooperation
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