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MPS stainless steel wing seal Supply for blankets

MPS stainless steel wing seal Supply for blankets

MPS stainless steel wing seal Supply for blankets

Brand Name
Stainless Steel banding
Packaging suitable for work at height, such as municipal engineering facilities, road and sign works, telecommunication, power projects, etc
production workmanship
Automated production
Place of Origin
Shenzhen, China (Mainland)
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Quantity Needed:
Availability: OEM/ODM
Supply Ability: 10000pcs/day
Company Advantages
1. stainless steel wing seal from Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. adopts a new type of material. The product is extremely popular in EU, USA, and Southeast Asia market
2. Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. will conduct a comprehensive survey for customer’s demands, such as structure, material, usage and so on. The product is provided at Ex-works which can greatly save the cost
3. In comparing with other similar products, stainless steel wing seal has a lot of superiorities, such as . Its housing and insert are assembled tightly, which ensures it to be strong
4. At the same time, the wide application of makes it better for the development of stainless steel wing seal . The product can be used both indoors and outdoors

Stainless steel banding in plastic dispenser

  • ◪  
    comes as giant coils, that apply to fixing or fastening of big size objects, like the tanks in oil gas and petrochemical industry, thermal or cold insulation layer on large pipes. Also, the consumers in insulation industry can have these giant coils and cut into various lengths per the pipe sizes at job site and make preformed clamps or ties withMPS wing seal clips.

Advantage for our company

  • Melparts is an insulation fastener manufacturing factory, we manufacture a full series of insulation pins and washers, cooperare with us, we can ensure

  • ◪   1: Good price- we sale what we manufacture.

  • ◪   2: On-time delivery-we have the auto-production line for every product to ensure the on-time delivery.

  • ◪   3: Excellent Quality, we have rich experence for insulation pins, we know the feature about every kind of insuation pin and customer’s requirements.


Stainless steel banding in plastic dispenser
MPS stainless steel wing seal Supply for blankets-1
Banding width available

1/2 inch (12.7mm)

5/8 inch (16mm)

3/4 inch (19mm)



Banding thickness available

0.015 inch ~ 0.032 inch  ( ie, 0.40mm ~ 0.80mm ).

Banding roll length available

165 feet ( ie, 50 meters ), or longer for a thickness less than 0.032 inch ( ie, 0.80mm).

Can be matched

 And can be supplied to clients in complete sets with accessories including tooth buckles, wing seals clips, toggles.

Company Features
1. Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading stainless steel wing seal company focused on making better .
2. There is no such kind of product like our wing seals which are of so good a quality.
3. is Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.'s operating principle. Get price!
MPS wing seals is professionally designed. It is carried out by our robust team who use advanced tools to design medical products with complex mechanical and electromechanical systems. The lens used for it is water-tight
The design of MPS stainless steel wing seal involves 3D imaging, which refers to both the tools and the process for the collection of 3D digital data from physical objects. It can be designed with a large viewing angle
The manufacture of MPS stainless steel wing seal involves the following stages: medical material and processes specification, vendor selection, detailed part design, software fine-tuning and testing, failure mode analysis, and tolerance analysis. It is designed to improve the driver’s ability to view the road
MPS stainless steel wing seal has passed the following tests that are conducted by the third-party organization: lifecycle testing, biocompatibility testing, durability testing, and chemical resistance testing. It can be designed with a large viewing angle
MPS stainless steel wing seal is manufactured against the highest medical quality control standards. These standards include a quality management system for medical devices and medicinal materials suppliers. It uses an impact-resistant/reinforced housing
This product is not susceptible to infection and microbial contamination. It will not easily react with the substances in the body. Pressure equalizing vents can be designed if needed
This product features good heat resistance. Adopting new composite materials, it can be sterilized at high temperatures without deformation. Accessories are available with this product if needed
This product stands out for its chemical resistance. Its surface is covered with a dense chemical coating that is stable and hardly chemically reacts with other substances. It has the characteristic of a good beam pattern
The product features flexible strength. It is more likely to bend under high pressure than break when applied in a medical environment. It will not produce any extraneous noise that occurs at high speeds of movement
The product features resistance to repeated sterilization. It can endure repeated sterilization cycles such as chemical, steam or gamma radiation sterilization without significant damage. Requiring less energy, this product is eco-friendly
The product features high precision. Made of a CNC machine which features high accuracy, it is not prone to errors. Its harness comes with a fuse for safety
The product effectively reduces manpower because it does not need too many workers to operate or supervise. This finally helps cut labor costs. Pressure equalizing vents can be designed if needed
The product removes the need for humans to put themselves at unnecessary risk. It replaces people to work in hazardous environments. It is impact-resistant, making it a great fit on some off-road crossbars or bull bars
This product can infuse people's home with comfort and warmth. It will provide a room the desired look and aesthetics. Its harness comes with a fuse for safety
Thoroughly tested designs and the latest materials, it solves the problems that plague users' sleep. Along with a healthy bed-time regimen, it will help users wake up refreshed and full of energy every morning. It is compatible with cars of various brands
People today can use this product to help them reduce their carbon footprint while reducing energy consumption. It is compatible with cars of various brands
Its benefits are obvious. Consuming a little amount of energy, it helps manufacturers save production costs and gain more profits. It is able to make the light focused in the proper position
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