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MPS professional sewing thread factory for gloves

MPS professional sewing thread factory for gloves

Brand Name
High Silica Texturized Fabrics
Silica Fiber
High silica texturized fabrics are generally used for protection and thermal insulation of heavy machinery manufacturing industry, shipbuilding, turbine, metallurgy and casting, nuclear, electrical cable, etc..
production workmanship
Automated production
Place of Origin
Shenzhen, China (Mainland)
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Product Comparison
Melparts provides diversified choices for customers. insulation fasteners manufacturer | MPS is available in a wide range of types and styles, in good quality and in reasonable price.Compared with other products in the same category, insulation fasteners manufacturer | MPS has outstanding advantages which are mainly reflected in the following points.
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Company Advantages
1. MPS sewing thread is professionally designed. It is carried out by our designers who know about jewelry ring and setting basics and understand the essentials of jewelry design.
2. The product is highly resistant to pressure. It is made of composite metal materials such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy which feature excellent hardness and anti-impact resistance.
3. Due to its bright market prospects, this product has won many attentions so far.

High Silica Texturized Fabrics

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    High silica fabrics are generally made into welding blankets, curtains, pads, jackets or covers, applied for furnace insulation, heat barrier for turbine, engine exhausting and noise barrier, high temperature expansion joints or compensators for flange joints, heat preservation of steam valve, thermal insulation and protection in metal processing, shipbuilding and heavy-duty machinery industry, nuclear equipments and electrical cable, and thermal ablation material for aerospace.

Advantage for our company

  • Melparts is an insulation fastener manufacturing factory, we manufacture a full series of insulation pins and washers, cooperare with us, we can ensure

  • ◪   1: Good price- we sale what we manufacture.

  • ◪   2: On-time delivery-we have the auto-production line for every product to ensure the on-time delivery.

  • ◪   3: Excellent Quality, we have rich experence for insulation pins, we know the feature about every kind of insuation pin and customer’s requirements.


Coating Avaailable
High Silica Texturized Fabrics
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Common specifications

Thickness (mm):0.8-2.0

Width(mm) : 1000

Weight  g/m²:   600-1500

Warp  Ends/cm:  18

Weft  Ends/cm  : 13

PatternTwill and Satin
White and Brown
MaterialSilica Fiber

Product features

More than 94% SiO2 content
Heat insulation High density
Temperatures: below 1000°C   No hot shrink
Chemical resistant Abrasion resistance
Production workmanshipAutomated production
Packing(Quantity per Roll)

50 yards or 50 Meters

Packing can be customized as per reqirements,Current packing information available upon request.

Supply capability-

Welding Blanket,Fire Blanket,Insulation

RemarkTechnical parameters are available upon request.

Company Features
1. Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the overseas high-end sewing thread market.
2. We have our own product laboratories. It is equipped with the latest technologies, which allows the testing and release of our products with the best precision available.
3. The persistent aim of MPS is to be one of the most competitive aramid sewing thread exporters. Get an offer! By leading the sewing thread market now, MPS will provide better and more professional service for customers. Get an offer! The company culture MPS sticks to is to make better qualified sewing thread and provide more professional service. Get an offer! Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. never stops working hard to bring better sewing thread for customers. Get an offer!
Products Picture


Product Overview

100% Polyester Sewing Thread  (High Tenacity, 100% polyester material)

Product Type:
Polyester Sewing Thread
100% Polyester 
20s/2 20s/3 20s/4 20s/6 20s/9
30s/2 30s/3 32s/2 32s/3
40S/2 40S/3 42S/2 45s/2
50s/2 50s/3 52s/2
60s/2 60s/3 
And other customized counts
Raw Materials:
(YIZHENG BRAND)100% polyester staple fibre 38mm length.
Raw White/ Optical White/ Bleached White/ All Colors/ Jet Black
Inner plastic bag/ wrap with customer's labels
Inner box with customer's labels  (6--12cones/box)
Outer customer's labels  (8--12 Inner Box/ Outer Box)
The unique shape of industrial sewing thread shows our team's incentive mind on the development of fashion trend. This product has the ability to ensure signal integrity
The design of sewing thread's structure is based on industrial sewing thread featuring with industrial sewing thread. Using foamed PE as the insulation, this product features a quality signal
With the efforts of our fine workmanship, MPS has gained much popularity since founded. This product has the ability to ensure signal integrity
aramid sewing thread promotes the sales of industrial sewing thread. This product is able to deliver a high-quality and stable digital signal
Design of sewing thread have helped sewing thread win the market. This product has the ability to ensure signal integrity
The product is very resistant to rust. Because it is sufficiently reactive to protect itself from further attack by forming a passive corrosion product layer. This product is able to deliver a high-quality and stable digital signal
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