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MPS lacing stainless steel wire factory for blankets

MPS lacing stainless steel wire factory for blankets

MPS lacing stainless steel wire factory for blankets

Brand Name
Stainless Steel Banding
It is suitable for fixing or fastening large-scale objects and for automatic machine operation
production workmanship
Automated production
Place of Origin
Shenzhen, China (Mainland)
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Quantity Needed:
Delivery Time: Please contact us
Supply Ability: 10000pcs/day
Enterprise Strength
  • Melparts insists on the principle to be active, prompt, and thoughtful. We are dedicated to providing professional and efficient services for customers.
Company Advantages
1. MPS is strictly inspected by our QC team. It is checked in terms of the circuit board, plugs, voltage, housing, etc.
2. The product is quality tested by our quality auditors and approved to be of high quality.
3. Our stainless steel wire is complete in specifications.
4. MPS is in the hands of the development, design, sales and service of stainless steel wire .
5. stainless steel wire present an opportunity for building customer trust, enhancing company credibility and winning more business.

Oscillating Wound Stainless Steel Banding 

  • ◪  
    Oscillating Wound banding, like Ribbon Wound coils, this kind of package applies to fixing or fastening of big size objects. The difference of the two, is that Oscillating Wound coils can be even larger or heavier, could be double or 3 times of Ribbon Wound coils, and banding in this kind of package does not bounce off due to its special rolling way - Oscillating. This package is very suitable for auto machine operation.

Advantage for our company

  • Melparts is an insulation fastener manufacturing factory, we manufacture a full series of insulation pins and washers, cooperare with us, we can ensure

  • ◪   1: Good price- we sale what we manufacture.

  • ◪   2: On-time delivery-we have the auto-production line for every product to ensure the on-time delivery.

  • ◪   3: Excellent Quality, we have rich experence for insulation pins, we know the feature about every kind of insuation pin and customer’s requirements.


Oscillating Wound Stainless Steel Banding 
MPS lacing stainless steel wire factory for blankets-1
Banding width available

1/2 inch (12.7mm)     

5/8 inch (16mm)

3/4 inch (19mm)

For any width over 3/4 inch ( ie, 19mm ), we do not recommend to use Oscillating Wound package, but Ribbon Wound.



Coil width

3 inch ( ie, 76mm );

2.5 inch ( ie, 64mm )

Inside diameter of Oscillating Wound banding: 16 inch ( ie, 406mm ).


For bundling cables, billboards, traffic signs, pipes, water-cooled cables, etc.

Can be matched

 And can be supplied to clients in complete sets with accessories including tooth buckles, wing seals clips, toggles.

Company Features
1. Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of high-quality professional stainless steel wire manufacturers!
2. Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. applies high-tech to manufacture insulation components .
3. We have a clear mission. We put a high emphasis on research, development and innovation activities and aim to constantly provide our customers with the best solutions for productivity, transparency, and quality. Contact us! We are fostering new production lines with low energy consumption and less emission. In the next phase, we will try to use clean energy resources to support our production tasks. We hope by doing these, the negative environmental impact will be reduced.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh


Anping Shengjia Hardware Mesh Co.,Ltd.. produces Stainless Steel Wire Mesh from first class stainless steel wire materials in SUS302, 304, 316, 304L, 316L.

Typical Weaving Patterns:

Plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave.


Excellent resistance against acid, alkali, heat and corrosion.

General Use:

Stainless steel wire mesh,  find extensive uses in processing of oils, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, also sorting and screening of solid, liquid and gas in mine, metallurgy, airspace, machine making, etc.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh in stock: 




Specification List of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Mesh/InchWire Gauge(SWG)Aperture in mm
3mesh x 3mesh146.27
4mesh x 4mesh164.27
5mesh x 5mesh183.86
6mesh x 6mesh183.04
8mesh x 8mesh202.26
10mesh x 10mesh221.83
20mesh x 20mesh260.813
30mesh x 30mesh300.53
40mesh x 40mesh330.38
60mesh x 60mesh360.23
80mesh x 80mesh400.196
100mesh x 100mesh420.152
120mesh x 120mesh440.13
150mesh x 150mesh460.108
180mesh x 180mesh470.09
200mesh x 200mesh470.077
250mesh x 250mesh480.061
280mesh x 280mesh490.060
300mesh x 300mesh480.047
325mesh x 325mesh490.043
400mesh x 400mesh490.0385
500mesh x 500mesh500.0273
Roll width: 2'-8'


 Quality Control

 shengjia an ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturer in regard oil shale shaker screen.


“ We regard quality as base for the development of company, we have built our quality control system to guarantee good quality products and satisfactory services are provided to our customer.”
- Quality Policy


Trade Terms


MPS insulation components has passed the comprehensive performance test. They include durability tests, stability tests, precision tests, safety tests, etc. Jiahe shopping bag stitchbond manifests high capability of ventilation
MPS insulation components has passed basic physical tests such as tensile properties, elongation, rubbing fastness, bending, stitch tear, and tongue tear strength. Jiahe shopping bag stitchbond manifests high capability of ventilation
MPS insulation components is finely designed. Its design is finished by considering many factors such as frame construction, control system design, mechanism design, and operating temperatures. With its good performance, Jiahe coated stitchbond is adopted in the furniture
MPS insulation components complies with the basic technical specifications of textile safety. It is produced under strict quality review by the QC team in its material composition, agent and processing process. The weight of Jiahe printed stitchbond can be 70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, or customized
MPS stainless steel wire is professionally designed. It is carried out by considering computerized machine control, engineering statistics, ergonomics, and life cycle analysis. The flame-retardant superiority distinguishes Jiahe stitchbonded fabric
The product is tested at various stages of development. Jiahe coated stitchbond is featured with great tightness
These products are strictly in accordance with international quality standards. Jiahe fire retardant stitchbond meets the UK fire retardant standard for the mattress
With the comprehensive process visualization across all production stages, the product is guaranteed to be zero-defect. Jiahe printed stitchbond is capable of dealing with static
The product performance meets the most demanding requirements. The flame-retardant superiority distinguishes Jiahe stitchbonded fabric
MPS's insulation components product applies to most mainstream brands. Various sizes of Jiahe stitchbonded fabric meet different needs
The effective quality management system makes this product fully meet regulatory requirements. The raw material of Jiahe stitchbond is high quality plastic bottle pieces
The product is more competitive in the commercial market and has a broad market prospect. Jiahe printed stitchbond is ideally suited as an exterior layer for use in mattress and bedding
After years of improvement, the product is gaining more and more attention at home and abroad and has great commercial value. Jiahe stitchbonded fabric is eco-friendly
With so many advantages, the product has a very good prospect in future market applications. Jiahe coated stitchbond has great breathability
This product has high commercial value and has broad market application prospects. Jiahe stitchbonded fabric is generally used in bedding, bags, shoes and curtains
The product is being increasingly important and widely applied because of its remarkable economic return. The raw material of Jiahe stitchbond is high quality plastic bottle pieces
The price of this product is competitive and is widely used by people in all fields. Jiahe stitchbonded fabric is rolled with a strong tube inside
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