Manufacturers use heat preservation nail is analysed

by:MPS     2020-08-19

in building decoration, heat preservation nail is the main original anchorage, its sale price is low, fixed effect is outstanding, was warmly welcomed by the construction unit. However, a small heat preservation nail, also has a lot of matters need to pay attention to in use.

the insulation nails, a variety of models that sells on the market is mainly according to different engineering to make, the construction unit to determine the required heat preservation before buy heat preservation nail nail specification and quantity, especially of the specifications of the nails, relationship with the quality of the project, not sloppy. On the choice of material, winter heat preservation nail prone to fracture phenomenon, so it's best to choose better cold resistance material, so as to ensure the service life of the nail.

bar consists of three parts, respectively is nylon casing, casing made of galvanized steel screws and nylon disc before the casing. Strength should be paid attention to when using, workers, prevent broken nylon sleeve, and insert the galvanized steel screw note, no. Because the construction site is chaotic, and nail fixed volume is small, it's easy to have a confusion of different specifications nails, so the workers should pay attention to when using nails, avoid because of different specifications and fixed effect.

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