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Manufacturers to introduce safe storage heat preservation nail

by:MPS     2020-11-11

in the exterior wall insulation construction process, we can often see the insulation nails, this is a kind of fixed element, its role is to fixed outside the building wall thermal insulation material, it seems that its role is significant. So, after all the heat preservation nail manufacturers in producing, how should be stored to ensure it can play its utility in use?

heat preservation nail volume is very small, when we were in the store several put inside the box, they can be placed in each box and labeled with a fixed number of products, so as not to appear error in the quantity. Heat preservation of the specifications of the nail, appearance is not the same, therefore, we should be placed on the classification, so that at the time of sale not confusion. Also, the warehouse storage heat preservation nail must fire prevention, moistureproof. Maintaining stability itself has moisture-proof performance, but before they did not use in damp environment, to the full play of utility in the future there will be affected. Fire problem is very obvious, many products are need to fire, it needs no elaboration.

in the insulation on the outer wall heat preservation is very important, the manufacturer must be stored.

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