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Manufacturer to spread a whole plate heat preservation nail for you

by:MPS     2020-08-17

insulation materials used in the construction of many, insulation board, insulation tube is can be referred to as the leading role of the project, but the anchoring piece is one of the indispensable costar, today we will meet together to a whole plate heat preservation nail.

one nail plate heat preservation is a new type thermal insulation anchor pieces, in the outer wall heat preservation plate integrated engineering, it has gradually replaced the traditional drilling anchor nail installation process, mainly composed of nylon, polypropylene, galvanized bolts and other several kinds of material processing. From the material, this new type of anchor pieces with good corrosion resistance, shock, good tensile strength, is not easy to deformation after loading, and so on all sorts of advantage, can say is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection, the integration of new thermal insulation material.

our company is located in the insulation of the township in hebei province, as a veteran insulation materials manufacturers, our company now sold one nail plate heat preservation products, complete specifications, models of diversity, heat preservation performance is good, the manufacturer home delivery, is numerous customer trust, welcome friends to our company to visit the choose and buy.

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