Manufacturer to introduce heat preservation nail wholesale and matters needing attention

by:MPS     2020-08-20

as the wall heat preservation material of fixed element, the use of heat preservation nail is very necessary, many construction units in the wall to decorate when large quantities of purchase this product, but it has a lot of kinds of specifications, the use of the environment is different, so need to pay attention to the following questions in wholesale.

for heat preservation nail wholesale, most of the time we all need to custom-made according to construction conditions, this time, we must determine the thickness of the wall of heat preservation material used and the thickness of coated adhesive, these are directly related to the heat preservation nail when making specific length. Second, we need to determine the number, the use of the heat preservation nail quantity is according to every square metre to determine, general every square metre with 6, 7, 12, it is set according to the different layer, so for the determination of the number of the need for the calculation. And according to use environment determine the thickness of insulation nails, too thick easy to form cracks, too thin, it is difficult to play a fixed role.

integrated the above information, the heat preservation nail wholesale is not a simple thing, we need to according to the environment and so on carries on the comprehensive consideration.

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