Manufacturer to interpret insulation construction specifications

by:MPS     2020-08-20

insulation heat preservation nail is used in the engineering, is the same as the special adhesive effect of the fixed components, although small, but its role is not allow to ignore, insulation nails have construction specifications.

used in thermal insulation engineering of thermal insulation nails, tapping type nylon bolt, should meet the margin is greater than or equal to 2 H and spacing is greater than or equal to 4 H, this is a safe distance, among them, the anchoring depth H, refers to the anchoring depth from bearing stratum to anchor inflation part on the edge of the distance. 10 mm drill hole depth should be greater than or equal to the anchoring depth, the depth can ensure the enough space to keep screwing bolts, can accommodate drilling crumbs.

on the thickness of anchoring, external thermal insulation system of maximum thickness with anchor bolt anchorage, determine the effective length, should be the thickness of the composite thermal insulation material, the thickness of the bearing layer and the thickness of adhesive layer, etc. If the heat preservation nail through strengthening the network, the thickness of the underlying mucilage is also considering range. Installation, external thermal insulation system of anchor bolt use transmission installation, more is the anchor hole diameter of solid insulation system consistent with the base material hole diameter.

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