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Manufacturer of winter storage heat preservation nail?

by:MPS     2020-08-21

today is the beginning of winter, starting today, the winter formal. However, the temperature did not drop, haven't finished heat preservation engineering friend can want to hurry up! Manufacturer is engaged in thermal insulation construction of friends prepared a large number of thermal insulation nails, properly stored for you, waiting for you to buy.

there are two main types of factory production of heat preservation nail material: aluminum and PVC profiles. Whether to use what kind of material production, winter heat preservation nail temperature, must pay attention to avoid long time to heat preservation nail where the temperature is too low, it will increase the heat preservation nail brittleness, easy to break when using. Storage heat preservation nail, try to choose the sun dry warehouse, so that even in the winter, the temperature is not too low, do not affect the performance of the nail.

winter heat preservation nail, be careful not to put together with the acid and alkali corrosive material such as, also want to avoid close to water, fire, etc, the warehouse workers smoking is prohibited. Heat preservation nail to be noticed by complete packaging in the box, according to the material, specifications, such as classification piled up, as far as possible away from Windows and doors.

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