Manufacturer is analysed and the construction unit of storage heat preservation nail matters needing attention

by:MPS     2020-11-13

insulation construction, insulating plate, roll mat is not missing, especially play a fixed role of thermal insulation nails, in order to guarantee the effect of heat preservation and fixed, manufacturers and construction unit should pay attention to its storage and transportation issues.

the factory production of thermal insulation nails, no matter from the material or out of specification, there are a lot of kinds, so pay attention to the classification of pile up when stored, best can a detailed annotation on packing box and packing, in order to avoid the error handling. The warehouse where the nails to keep dry, don't such as water and fire, also should pay attention to the height of piled up nails, more want to avoid weight and packing box of extruding of nails, guarantee its neat appearance is very important.

the construction unit of storage heat preservation nail does not need to pay attention to the classification, but should pay attention to safety, haven't opened the box open the packing box of the nails and nail should pay attention to. After opening temporarily don't pay attention to the cover, box to prevent the nails from the inside out. Meets the weather such as wind, rain, snow, more should pay attention to the safe storage nails, don't because of the weather causes the performance decline.

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