Manufacturer analysis of thermal insulation nails popular reason

by:MPS     2020-08-20

as the improvement of living conditions, we more and more high to the requirement of living conditions, so in the building exterior wall thermal insulation, we often have to use heat preservation nail this material, it is used to fixed anchorage of insulation materials. Actually, used for fixation of material not only this one, but the bar is very popular, is this why?

heat preservation nail generally consists of three parts: nylon casing, casing made of galvanized steel screws and nylon disc before the casing. In these three parts, heat transfer performance of nylon material is lower, it is made of the casing not conduction heat too much. Casing galvanized screw is a kind of very corrosion resistant material, withstand wind and rain erosion, such as the better. In addition, the stability of the heat preservation nail is very good, in the face of the change in temperature very & other; Calm & throughout; High temperature, not afraid of cold also not afraid, for external vibration is very stable, good ageing resistance, good tensile performance advantages, such as are both the reasons for the heat preservation nail always in an impregnable position.

the insulation nails are in strict accordance with the requirements of our factory production, possesses the advantages of the above, welcome to our factory orders.

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