Low carbon steel bar for the origin of the name?

by:MPS     2020-07-05

the origin of the name of low carbon steel bar, from the use of low carbon steel bar material, low carbon steel wire. Low carbon steel heat preservation nail used in coal-fired power plant, is known to all parts of the thermal insulation construction of boiler flue for support, or boiler flue temperature is high, the material of choice must be to achieve good performance of high temperature resistance, the material on the optimization of course but it is well known of the stainless steel stainless steel material cost is very high, the processing difficulty, also is not accepted by the general customers. There is this kind of quality carbon steel wire, low carbon steel, meet the conditions of high temperature resistant, price is reasonable, so low carbon steel bar to meet customer demand, insulation is the preferred product. This is the small make up to you to introduce the origin of the name of low carbon steel bar, you also satisfied? If you need advice can also contact us

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