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Know knot type thermal insulation nails to the manufacturer

by:MPS     2020-11-18

thermal insulation engineering used in the original fixed with heat preservation nail is given priority to, among them, the knot type insulation nails and manufacturers according to the requirements of the different using environment and construction design, let's learn about this product.

knot type nylon insulation heat preservation nail said back to twist type anchor bolt, its raw material is Gao Qiangchao toughening nylon and antirust treatment of high strength steel. Unlike other heat preservation nail, knot type heat preservation nail has back to the end of screw expansion anchor structure, this structure can be fixed tightly in various materials, on the wall of especially for hollow brick of anchorage. Its expansion volume and the pressure plate rib structure is suitable for the steel wire rack fixed in the insulation board.

I nail the knot type thermal insulation has a wide range of application, when required by the building external thermal insulation system with reinforcement, too much wind areas or buildings needed in areas such as the wind tunnel, tall, tall buildings and general outside, node parts of the building when needed, in the external thermal insulation system is extruded polystyrene insulation board insulation board, knot type heat preservation nail can be used.

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