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Insulation thickness is the price influence factors

by:MPS     2020-09-01

when buying goods to people the most concern is the price problem, building materials, is no exception. Small make up in front of time went to the construction site, for the use of exterior wall thermal insulation heat preservation nail there made a price survey, the results of the survey feedback to you now, I hope it can help you.

now, under normal circumstances of exterior wall thermal insulation engineering use blue plastic skin do insulation nails, the heat preservation nail can have very good fixation effect. There is a difference between heat preservation nail thickness, usually to use more thick insulation nails? Compared with the heat preservation nail white blue plastic leather material proved to be more common, but on the use effect is much better. General heat preservation nail price is determined according to the specifications and the thickness. The coarse material is insulation nails, prices generally will be high. The same material and thickness of different specifications of the heat preservation nail price is different also. Manufacturers in the production of thermal insulation nails now choose the roughness of 340 silk, not only cheap but also can achieve very good effect on inflation.

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