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Insulation nails need to pay attention to what factors during construction

by:MPS     2020-10-19

nail has excellent thermal insulation properties, but its structure is relatively simple consists of three parts: winter there won't be cold bridge, better for energy saving. Casing with galvanized steel screw, with good corrosion resistance, also not easy to produce deformation after loading.

nylon disc for gland insulation board, the three part of the effective combination, can carry on the exterior wall stable fixation. It also has very strong robustness and corrosion resistance, its service life is very long, so it can guarantee the safety of the buildings.

heat preservation nail in our daily life has a lot of use purposes, and it also has many advantages, can meet the needs of the modern construction industry, is a very practical nails. With the continuous development of construction industry, and heat preservation nail in quietly change, like dedicated to outer wall heat preservation heat preservation nail.

heat preservation nail manufacturers before construction, construction units need to be determined according to the construction area, the use of the heat preservation nail number. In this regard, construction units need to carefully read the drawings, and determine the choice of the types of nails, because of different kinds, nail use quantity is not the same. Said to the kinds of problems, need to pay attention to, some nails and prone to fracture in winter, so choose correctly species also should pay attention to.

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