Insulation heat preservation nail is anchoring a market darling

by:MPS     2020-08-25

in insulation anchor market, heat preservation nail absolutely is the darling of the construction unit. Even though there have been new anchor pieces, adhesive glue, etc, also still can't take its market share, is this why?

heat preservation nail is used in thermal insulation construction of capital equipment, installed on the wall, roof insulation products such as rock wool board, glass cotton lap blanket, in addition to the use of this kind of special adhesive glue products, heat preservation nail is also an indispensable material. Its small size, a square meter using quantity are many, like ordinary screw, it can well fixed thermal insulation products, prevent fall off.

heat preservation nail can become the darling of the insulation anchor a market, not only because of its fixed effect is good, but also because it has certain heat preservation effect, strong adaptability to the environment, will not lose effectiveness because of the high and low temperatures. Its low thermal conductivity, effective with insulation materials for thermal insulation of the building, it is ordinary screw does not have the function, and even don't have such special adhesive function, so it can become the darling of the insulation anchor a market.

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