Insulation fixed nail connection method

by:MPS     2020-07-09

we are manufacturer of heat preservation nail product sales in the present market is very broad, here you can choose to heat preservation nail product application effect is very good, but today our factory technical staff to share with you about connection heat preservation nail fixation method.

heat preservation nail is duct connected to ensure its components and on the surface of the connection, but also pay attention to using special adhesive glue or professional welding, ensure that strong enough, also won't fall off the situation, if it is after welding and ensure that its smooth duct, so you don't have to worry about will influence on the performance of the duct corrosion would be affected. If it is used in thermal insulation materials joining together heat preservation nail must ensure that the adhesive tape to seal heads, adopted by the adhesive tape so not crazy can be firmly fixed on the insulation there won't be fall off.

according to each kind of different heat preservation nail application environment, the connection fixation method will have a slightly different, if you want to nail insulation lasting perform its own functions, then USES the professional power connection method is particularly important, need friends can come to our bar insulation manufacturers learn more nail fixation method in detail.

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