Insulation bolts are widely used in the insulation industry

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the specifications of the outer wall heat preservation nail and constitutes

outer wall heat preservation nail can be seen from its literal meaning, the nail is used for fixed external wall insulation board, of course, in addition to the fixed insulation board it can also be other items. Maybe a lot of people have seen this kind of nails, it is very common in the construction industry. It is a kind of plastic bolts, especially widely used in architectural decoration.

there are many kinds of exterior wall thermal insulation nails it is divided into different specifications, we need to consider when choosing the outer wall heat preservation nail insulation board thickness. Degree of thermal insulation layer of different thickness selection of nail specification is different, in fact, for some degree of addition, the thickness of the insulation board should use a fixed outer wall heat preservation nail specifications.

outer wall heat preservation nail it is different from our normal using nails, it is composed of three parts. It is the first part of a casing, the casing is made of nylon. Nylon sleeve inside is the second part of the outer wall heat preservation nail is a screw, the screw is galvanized steel. The last part is in the front of the casing part, that is, the nylon disc. The disc type used for gland insulation board.

exterior insulation system heat preservation nail installation number; 1-10 layer on average 6 / ㎡, 11 - 20 average layer 7 / ㎡, 21-26 layer 9 / ㎡. Any area is greater than zero. 1 ㎡ single block must pull with insulation nails, the number depending on the shape and site condition; In Yang Angle, under the eaves, around the edge of the hole, should increase the density of heat preservation nail, the distance is not more than 300 ㎜, is apart from the edge at the grass-roots level is not less than 60 mm.

if you want to heat preservation nail to good use requirement, also will make it at the time of production, meet various requirements, first of all, is it at the time of production, to achieve enough production material requirements, and for this point, also is the manufacturer has its own product responsibility. For many industries, the thermal insulation work is very important work, only friends to be able to focus on insulation work, so as a whole can have very good effect.

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